Pupil/Trainee/Apprentice system.

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Pupil/Trainee/Apprentice system. Empty Pupil/Trainee/Apprentice system.

Post  Elindor on Tue Feb 02, 2010 1:44 am

Hello there, I'm writing this topic in order to suggest a new system, Trainee system. In this system, Every Lich/Instructor will have atleast 5 Pupils/Trainees from the below rank. They will teach them Necromancy/Warfare in the Cells with actual devices for it ((I mean, Rooms with Skeletons, Summoning Chambers and such.)).
Every lesson, the Instructor/Lich will gain 10 Teaching points, This points will be used to rank up to their pupils ((If you did not understand, Let me explain: Instructors and Lichs will use that 10 points on each studen in order to increase their Intelligence on the art, When the student's have 20 points that their teacher gave, They will rank up to the next rank.))

I hope ya' all like it, I might think about it more and improve it.


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