Ramirick's idea nr.1

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Ramirick's idea nr.1 Empty Ramirick's idea nr.1

Post  Ramirick1 on Sun Jul 19, 2009 5:45 pm

Maybe we should make an event where betrayed by some of our allied factions. Fx. The Nerubians or the Cult of the Damned. Might be a great guild RP event.

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Ramirick's idea nr.1 Empty Idea

Post  Veroth on Sun Jul 19, 2009 5:58 pm

While it may seem an exciting and fun plot-twist, it wouldn't make much sense. The Cult of the Damned are people who willingly give their lives for the Scourge, working, researching, spell casters, etc. It would be extremely confusing to see the Scourges most loyal, fanatical, devoted, ally simply turn on them. They wish to be one with the Scourge, and see their service and undeath as the ultimate gift, so why would they attack us? As for the nerubians, they are not our allies. Our allies of their species are crypt feinds, undead nerubians who are forced into service. The real Nerubians are already our sworn enemies. However, it would make sense to destroy the last of them. Please remember to thoroughly study the lore around a certain faction or group before suggesting we do anything to them.


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