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Legend of Assassin Zhalan Empty Legend of Assassin Zhalan

Post  Zhalan on Wed Jul 22, 2009 9:15 am

Part1= The Beginning I am Zhalan.When i was a little boy i started train hard because there was war around that time.When i got 12 years old my parents were killed and i was prisoned.For many years i had to serve the bastard king and be tortured.At 16 i was able to kill a man with a sword.They still trained me hard and made me serve the king but once i refused.King got angry at me and told the guards to take me to torture room.At there i kicked one guard to get away and so i did.I got some weapons at the blacksmith in the castle.I was chased for alittle while and got into battle few times but i survived.Once i was out of the castle i started to make money and to train.At 21.I started to begin my journey as assassin. I was in secret society who ordered their killers to kill someone important.First mission was to get a treasure at cave Darkhound or atleast thats what they called it.It was supposed to be filled with wolves and wild animals like that so we needed to be silent.We even lost one of us in the cave because he just hitted a rock with his feet and that attracted the animals at him.We started moving faster and faster until we got into the treasure room...Unfortunally the treasure was just some bowl filled with dust.When we got back at the HQ they told us it was just a dust of the Leader Williams fathers.After that i needed to kill my old enemy.The king,Who kept me prisoned for 4 years.I took a ride with a horse to Durnholde.I sneaked into the castle took some guards out by killing them silently.Once i hit the royal room i found my enemy.He was talking to his son.I thought this is a little brutal but its my job.So once that prince left i sneaked behind the royal seat and assinated him.


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Legend of Assassin Zhalan Empty Re: Legend of Assassin Zhalan

Post  Kishin on Thu Jul 23, 2009 3:27 pm

Really nice backstory there. Good work!

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