Guild Status.

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Guild Status.

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Guild Ranks
The guild ranks were made identifying your role , you gain promotions by participating in roleplays / Helping guild members / giving formal reports about other guilds ( Each one of these awards you 10 Lich Points , Accomplish 50 and you'll get promoted )

Acolyte Path
The Acolytes are the main followers of the scourge , they were once fallen wizards and archmages who decided to take their chances with the scourge , they're capable of summoning scourge buildings and constructions , they are the Caster-Type of the Scourge.

Acolyte The Basic Rank of Spell casters.
Apothecary Advanced Rank of Spell Casters , they own labs and undead minions.
Necromancer The final Spell Caster promotion , Necromancers possess the abillity to recruit more scourge followers and promote them , they can summon undead minions to their aid.

Death Knight Path
Death Knights are the primary melee forces of the scourge they can summon undead minions and adept their combat spells into their master's service , the Deathknights are always warded by the Lich King.

Death Knight The Basic Rank for Melee Classes.
High Deathguard Advanced Rank of Death Knight Class
Instructor The final Melee Class promotion , Instructors can recruit more scourge followers into their master's service , they can also promote them for their bravery.

The Ultimate rank , only Necromancers and Instructors can obtain it , Liches get the abillity to promote / demote / kick any traitor or troublemaker in the Scourge forces . . ( To Reach it you'll gain 5% reputation on each of the Lich Points gaining reasons , obtain 100% Reputation and you become a Lich.

Guild Bases / Phases
Phase 143 ( .rec p Crypt / .rec p Noxious )
Phase 37 ( .rec p TUSbase4 )

Guild Masters

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