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Post  The Proff Is IN on Sun Aug 02, 2009 10:36 am

Greetings Mortals, I am Associate Professor Evil and I am rwiting this post with
Barnaby beside me. Thanks to my alliance with TUS, together we shall soon rule the world. Muhhahahahhaha... *coughs*. I am the star of many Youtube videos and even
have followers who have named a guild after me. The most important reason for me
joining this guild is that, at the Evil Alchimist Guild, they simple were not evil enough
and did not respect my power. When TUC rules the world we shall see who has power!!! Thank you for reading my bio, read my PS if you Dare.

PS( If anyone can make me a trinket that summons a lava crab, or tell me how to learn a spell to summon a lava crab that would rule, also if any improvement needs
to be made please comment).

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