Recruitment Macros.

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Recruitment Macros.

Post  Kishin on Wed Aug 05, 2009 2:35 pm

Here I will post all my macros used to recruit new members. This includes all macros used and I will write them in order of use. Just copy and paste them. Feel free to edit them in any way if you like.

Guild advertisement: Rise up to the Darkness! <The Undead Scourge> Is recruiting! We are a very active RP/Event Guild. We have Several Bases, A Wesbite, plenty of Helpful members and Our own Unique RPs, Start your resurrection at phase 143 and recall port TUSRecruit8. ((REMEMBER TO POST THIS IN THE LOOKINGFORGROUP CHANNEL AND NOT .ANNOUNCE))

Welcome: /s Welcome %T, you reek of Light drenched power, time to prove yourself to the Darkness. You must pass a simple test based on the rules and your RP skills. Are you ready? (Note: the %T is not a typo)

Question 1: /s ((Do you fully speak English? A good knowledge of English is required, as full Grammer is expected to be used at all times.))

Question 2: /s ((Can you define the terms IC and OOC?)) Please also give me an example of IC and OOC. Also give me a very short backstory of yourself.

Question 3: /s ((Do you promise to not use .cheat or .mod commands or OP items within our guild bases? And to always be IC in our phase?))

Question 4: /s Name some of our leaders.

Rank Option: /s You have failed the Light. Now it's time to walk the path of Darkness! Choose your path... Death Knight or Acolyte. For more information on these , please, do ask.

Death Knight: /s The Deathknights were once heroic paladins and warriors. They have fallen in battle and rose to walk the darker path, they happen to be the primary attack force of the scourge . (( Available Ranks : Deathknight - High Deathguard - Instructor ))

Acolyte: /s Acolytes were once powerful archmages, priests and druids but have fallen in battle and have risen to be members of scourge. They possess powers to destroy their enemies and to summon undead minions to their will. (( Available Promotions : Acolyte - Apothecary - Necromancer ))

Pass: /s Congratulations, PASSED! Please, if you have any questions regarding: Guild Armor, Guild Base, Events or RPs please feel free to Ask any of the members. Our website is
/ginvite ((Make sure the /ginvite is on a separate line))

Fail: /s I am sorry, you have failed. The outcome of your assessment was not satisfactory. Please leave at once.

Promotion Info: /s You can be promoted by participating in roleplays,giving formal Roleplaying reports about our enemies, and Helping members. Each one of these give you 10 Lich Points complete 50 and you get a promotion.

That's it.

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Guild Macros

Post  Veroth on Wed Aug 05, 2009 8:41 pm

It sounds great, however, one must be made for the morphed .mod displayid2 donors or .m users, as I'm sure the general undead are not Death Knights nor Acolytes. Other than that, pretty solid, although I'm a bit hesitant about the "you do not look worthy of joining our order". People might feel insulted by that, I know we're The Undead Scourge, but no need to make them feel bad OOC.

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Post  Dylahm on Wed Aug 05, 2009 10:05 pm

I Agree with Veroth. But If We Tell them you can Be A Ghoul, Everyone is Just going to BE a Ghoul.
Nice, I have the recruiting rank, But i don't Recruit.

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Re: Recruitment Macros.

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