Vampire RP [Part Two]

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Vampire RP [Part Two] Empty Vampire RP [Part Two]

Post  Eraner on Fri Aug 07, 2009 6:46 pm

After 50 years the Vampires under the command of Blood Queen Sandarra, Have taken control of Duskwood, and have begun to build a Vampiric civilization, but.... they forgot something, something one of the vampires knows very well. The forgoten Ghostly Eraner who in the absence of the Vampires has seized the Crypts and Began plotting his Revenge, and Escape. All the while some adventurers have been Hired by duskwoods former inhabitants and are planning to destroy both threats, Who will succeed? It is all up to you.

Please give me your comments,

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Vampire RP [Part Two] Empty Yes...

Post  Dylahm on Sat Aug 08, 2009 7:41 pm

He Forgot to Add that There is 3 factions.
The Banished/Forgotten: Dylahm, Eraner
The Vampires: Every Vampire from the last one
The Humans: Anyone new.

The Reason im On Eraner's Side, is Because i Chose it. We are the Banished/Forgotten, The Reason Dylahm Was Banished was, he Did not Follow Sandarra's Orders. He Was Banished, And Fled to a Ancient Crypt. There He Met Eraner the Forgotten Ghost. Thus Forging this team.
this Side is Extremly Weak at first. They Will gain Power. They Hide in the Crypt.

The Vampires are Extremely Strong at first.

The Humans are Meduim Strong at first.

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