"basic" Insult From Altonix.

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"basic" Insult From Altonix. Empty "basic" Insult From Altonix.

Post  Dylahm on Sat Aug 15, 2009 7:34 pm

Altonix Said to Us, "Omg I Cant write my Back story without lore rapist noobs flaming Me" This was put IN MY words. He Did call Every One who Said He Lore Raped A "Lore Rapist Noob" i Believe he Is That. I Keep it to Myself.Btw, a Lore rapist Noob is a Person who LORE RAPES. Get your facts right. Btw this Is the FIRST abuse report. EVA'!Btw This Is For the guild only. not For Echeloned.net I Believe He Should Be Demoted for this. It is a Insult. I Insulted Dusk saying "Olololol Sinno and Dusk are FAILpires Ololololol" I Got rep Removed As a Consiquence.. He Is Not a Instucter or a Necromancer thus Either Losing LP or Demoted. Please Make this Happen.

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"basic" Insult From Altonix. Empty Re: "basic" Insult From Altonix.

Post  Menelaus on Sun Aug 16, 2009 3:18 pm

Altonix was removed from the guild for these actions, he apologized and promised he won't do them again, then I accepted him back but he's no longer a High Deathguard and his Lich points have reseted.

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